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More and more businesses are completed online nowadays, in every single business, search engine must be the first step. Even though you don’t have years of SEO experience or websites promoting experience, there is also some useful information about SEO strategies and tricks you should know ahead.

1.Build a user-friendly website

All the purpose you make efforts to SEO is to get traffic to your website. What if the users immediately shut it down after they first get to the landing page? So, ask yourself if your website is the one of the 20 best sites in the world on the topic?

2. Do keyword research at the start of the project.

There are two good websites, Keyword Discovery or WordTracker, if your budget is tight, they have free versions as well as powerful paid versions. Ignore the numbers these tools show; The relative volume of one keyword to another is important. Another useful free tool is Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

3.Open up a PPC account

It does cost money, but it’s a good way to get actual search times for your keywords. Google Adwords, or something else can give you instant visibility if you are not that good at being patient.

4.Content is important, but write for your users first.

There are countless bots crawling the web, but as far as I know, they won’t buy anything on your website, won’t add comment to your websites, not mention sign up for you. So, make your content readable, always keep the humans in minds.

5.Prepare for your web analytics at the first place

Set a reasonable goal from the beginning, and use a web analytics software so you won’t lose track of what works well what doesn’t.

6.Be creative and unique on your content

Users are easily getting drown in the ocean of information these days. Appealing content is like a life buoy, a lighthouse, making yourself stand out of all competitors and attracting more searchers, especially for online retailers.

7. Make full use of the search engines tools.

There are some powerful free tools you can use, Google Webmaster Central, Bing Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer.

Posted on February 2, 2017 in SEO

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